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How long will Mudjacking or Poly/foamjacking last?

This is the most common question asked when reviewing a project and whether the process works. My response is, how long did the original concrete last and what was or has been done to help prevent what happened to it in the first place? If the issue isn’t fixed the symptom will remain.

The process absolutely works and works well but it depends on if the ground below is stable or keeps moving which will determine how long. It also depends on the installer knowledge of support holes. Most any slab can be lifted with 1 to 2 lift holes but is mandatory to have support holes properly located to have a lasting chance. You can help eliminate some of the guesswork by doing a couple of things either before the concrete settles, and these are a must after lifting if you want to have success with the concrete staying lifted.

  1. Make sure your guttering is in good condition, cleaned free of debris, and large enough to handle the amount of rainfall your area experiences.
  2. Downspout placements should never be discharged at the edge of any concrete surface, this is the #1 cause of why we see failure in the original and in the fix. If the downspout is inside a landscape area it needs to be extended underneath of the concrete slab/sidewalk and discharged on a downhill yard area
  3. Backfill around the perimeter of concrete slabs to prevent water (and animals) from tunneling underneath of the concrete to cause further damage, also very helpful to the exposed foundation to make sure water is draining away
  4. Caulking the joint between the garage floor slab and the driveway slab will help preserve the rebar connecting the two a little longer as well

If you have mudjacking or poly/foam jacking work done and don’t take notice of the things above, you are risking possibly needing the service again.

We have done projects that have not dropped 1/4 of an inch in 10 years and there is the occasional project that settles within weeks of leaving the project. It all depends on the subsurface condition below the concrete and how much material that we have to install. A proactive owner addressing or monitoring the above items will have a better success rate. Foundation backfilling, drought, downspouts, poor yard drainage and original concrete construction are all factors in not only the correction but the originally placed concrete lifespan.

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