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What Causes Garage Floors To Sink?

Changes in ground conditions underneath your home are the most likely cause of settlement problems. The ground is vulnerable to a host of erosive forces if the original builder used poor soil fill material, or built on ground that was not adequately compacted.

Changes in ground moisture, temperature extremes, plumbing leaks and tree roots can all cause soil to be shifted away. As compaction and erosion progress, your garage floor will appear to sink in certain spots of the garage, longer fully supported. An uneven garage floor will sometimes leave gaps underneath the garage door, allowing air to escape or come in. The soil surrounding the garage floor may even affect the driveway and concrete steps leading to your home.

Floor Cracks

If there are visible cracks on the garage floor, the damage may not only look unsightly but can also create a safety hazard and eventually lead to bigger problems if not repaired.

Mudjacking Demonstration

Raise Sunken Garage Floors With Mudjacking!

The mudjacking process fills voids under your concrete floor with tough, durable material that stabilizes the surrounding soil, and lifts the entire slab back to its proper level. We can also patch any cracks on the surface that were caused by the concrete settling into the soil.

Affordable and effective concrete garage floor repair can save the time and money of concrete slab replacement. We can raise a sunken floor for a relatively cheaper price than a replacing the slab. For more information contact us today for a free estimate on garage floor repair.

Customer Testimonials

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Mudjacking in Kansas City, MO
So happy we used Affordable Mudjacking! The bid was a great price. Jim was very nice and professional. He filled/lifted the walkway to our front porch and filled under the porch as well. The seam is now seamless. We will use their services again if needed.